How many of us are worried about passwords, password checking, and if “it’s safe or not”? Well, I know for a fact that I’m one of them and we all know how much a hacker loves a challenge, don’t we?

Django is pretty cool, out of the box, batteries included…

I was always asked about the key differences between the use of recursion vs the use of iteration and that always stumbles me as my answer is always the same, “it depends”. Recursion and Iteration is the act of executing a set of instructions repeatedly.


Recursion is a simple method…

We are currently in a world where the container system became a natural choice for most of the companies who want to keep up with the latest and start-of-the-art technologies. Docker is one of those and it became a natural choice for DevOps and developers to work with. …

Tiago Silva

Entrepreneur, comic book fan and a tech lover :-)

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